Steve Santorelli
Director of Global Outreach
Team CYMRU, U.S.A.

Steve Santorelli became a police officer in 1994, working in London, UK.
He worked his way up through various detective grades and branches until he joined Scotland Yards Computer Crime Unit in 2000.

During the following 5 years he specialized in malware and botnet cases and reached the rank of Detective Sergeant. Steve received severral awards and commendations from various international law enforcement agencies and judges. He was also an associate instructor for the CISSP certification.

Steve then left law enforcement to join the Microsoft Internet Crimes Investigation Team, based in Redmond, USA. He spent the next 2 years investigating botnet cases which were then referred out to law enforcement officers around the world for further work and arrests.

During this time he also developed the International Botnet Task Force, a unique group of industry and law enforcement from 35 countries, dedicated to working together to combat botnets and ruin the lives of botherders. He was also the lead investigator on the Zotob case.

Steve left Microsoft in 2007 to join Team Cymru, a small group of researchers who work to discover who is behind internet crime and why they carry out their activities. Still actively involved in investigations, he is also the Director of Global Outreach, enabling him to use Team Cymru’s unique position and insight to improve lives around the world.